12 Jun 2019

Pukekura Park

A few months ago I was sitting on the steps of the band rotunda in Pukekura Park sketching. I started to watercolour it there but ran out of time about half-way through. I took it home and put it aside. Now that we're having a rainy week I took this pad back out to finish it and here we are.

28 May 2019

Ngamotu Engine

It's been a while since I'd been to the Taranaki Aviation Technology and Transport Museum. While I was there, they fired up an engine from a ship used to dredge sand from the seaport. The sign said that it ran at about 100rpm on the ship but when I was there, in the museum, it was much slower than that. (Maybe 10-20%?) At that speed, it was making this sound that was like it was breathing. It was so hypnotic that I ended up sitting down and sketching it.

I made a 60-second video, if you want to hear the breathing sound:

I'm looking for a winter sketching venue so maybe I'll be back periodically.

25 May 2019

Meat dreams are made of these...

Social Kitchen is an unashamedly meat oriented eating place - not for the faint hearted.  The meals melt in your mouth.

11 May 2019

Police Line-up

Couldn't go past this colourful line-up - at today's sketching.  

6 May 2019

Several of our sketching group attended the Mokau Easter Bone Carving weekend with 30 others.  Master Carver Owen Mapp presided and Mike Brown did the magnificent organising. Owen was recently in the New Years Honours List

Even bone carving needs some sort of sketching skills, here were my attempts

A wonderful event and a big shout out to the whole town who came out on the communal meal and fed us hot cross buns.

Till Henderson

Colourful lawyers with clocktower and the ripple of Len Lye behind

Heaven's Pizza into the gates of hell!  The pizzas were heavenly.

9 Apr 2019

Fitzroy Dairy

A bit of a return to form. Although it used to be common, I haven't used a red pen on a sketch for at least five years. I drew this convenience store seven years ago and included picture of the CookieTime cookie monster on the top. This time I tried to show a glow that emanates from the actual chocolate-chunked beauties themselves.

20 Feb 2019

Traffic Lights

I wasn't going to draw this. I planned on taking a few minutes of my day to get out of email debt or maybe network socially. I checked my messages but then put it away. I reached for my sketchbook instead and drew what was in front of me. I guess that is the nature of the process. I don't have a drawing ability that I was born with. Any skill that I have, has been practiced for years. I suppose that I draw as much as some other people use their phones, and that, really could be the secret.