19 Feb 2020

North Egmont Farm

A magnificent view of Maunga Taranaki from North Egmont could be seen close up at this Dairy Farm.  Trevor and I had an expedition out to the farm today.

Some Friesian crosses waiting to be milked - I should have bottled the odour to share with you., The ear tags were most colourful.  Also this farm vehicle parked up ready to go.

12 Jan 2020

Mitsubishi 4x4 van

This awesome van was for sale on the side of the road. I like how it's just a normal small van with a bunch of outdoorsy optional extras. It's over a quarter century old and has over a quarter million kilometres on it. It's also way overpriced, but I'm sure someone will buy it.

10 Jan 2020

East End

I had the opportunity to sketch off the deck of someone who overlooks the East End beach and reserve. There's still a horse paddock on the other side of the tracks so it seems like we're in the country. If you were to look to the sides, you'd see that it was pretty suburban, but on a day like that, I just kept looking at the water.

14 Nov 2019

Taranaki Gardens

Taranaki just had multiple simultaneous garden festivals. After looking through the programmes and maps, I decided to visit some at random entrants' properties after I grabbed my watercolours.

20 Oct 2019

Day trip into the eastern Taranaki farmland

 A trip into the farming area of Tarata and Purangi , inland  between Waitara and Inglewood , Taranaki NZ. This follows the Waitara river and included large stands of native bush , river flats and hill country. I came across a muster of sheep, the farmer slowed the droving to allow time for photos and quick roadside sketches. He was wondering what I was doing this far from town in my MX5 sportscar !  .  The old shed was dark with green covering the original red-shed paint work. Still looked great.  MLB

Fountain Lake

In Pukekura Park, there is a lake that has a fountain in the middle of it. A button on the edge activates a cycle of alternating water patterns for a couple of minutes. Kids love pushing it to get the fountain started. When I was there, a couple of men in suits were walking around doing work. I could tell because they were pointing at many things. One of them pointed to the button and the other one pressed it. Big smiles all around. Businessmen love the fountain too.

14 Oct 2019


Cuba Street buildings in Wellington. Quick sketch in this most interesting street.

Sketching in Pukekura Park

An opportunity to join other Taranaki Sketchers on a lovely bright spring day in Pukekura Park , New Plymouth NZ.  This small waterfall is part of a continuing water course that flows through this beautiful park. MLB