20 Feb 2018

Summer's Closed

We've been having such great summer days that it's hard to find time to see the indoor exhibitions at Puke Ariki museum. We went to the show, "At the Beach: 100 years of summer fashion in New Zealand" on the last weekend before it closed and was refreshed by a new exhibit. The next day, we got tons of rain, here in New Plymouth, from a front of a cyclone. The day after that, we lost power for four hours due to strong winds. So... can we have an extension on the show and get our summer back?

17 Feb 2018

Pukekura Park Tea House

In the attempt to stay out of the heat, I went into Pukekura Park to sketch in the shade. As I sketched the Tea House on the lake, I kept thinking how they sell ice cream. Of course I was too weak to resist.

St Mary's Cathedral Lych Gate.

A cloudy cooler day just right for sketching. We went to St Mary's Cathedral lych gate. It was built in 1919 by Henry Weston and his nephews. In the foreground are the crosses for the unknown soldiers from the Taranaki Maori wars. The second picture has all our sketches. Only three of us today. Myself, Trevor and Maurice.

Here is my sketch:

Here are all our sketches:

13 Feb 2018

Fitzroy Lifesaving Club Kiosk

I drew this one last summer but waited until it was coloured before I posted it. Turns out that it took me a year to bring it back out. I remember sketching it. Last year we had a terrible rainy summer with that one day of sun. Well, this was that day and it was a scorcher. I had a tons of sunscreen on but in the end, it was pretty brutal just sitting in the sun drawing. The worst part was that I kept looking at the "ice cold drinks" sign the whole time. I promised that when I was done, I was going to walk over there and buy one. It was maybe one of the best drinks of my life.
So here we are one year later and it's been very warm every single day. The Fitzroy Surf Lifesaving Club Kiosk is in colour. I've actually printed and framed this one and is now added to the window at the Bookstop Gallery as part of my display for the month of February.

10 Feb 2018

Some of my work on show

I have some work in the window of the Bookshop Gallery on Brougham Street, here in New Plymouth. I'll be adding and changing the selection throughout the month of February.

28 Jan 2018

Freedom campers at the Waiwakaiho river , New Plymouth

Freedom campers hit the local news ( and it seems elsewhere in the country) for respecting the local environment , with waste- of all kinds- left behind .  While I was sketching I got talking with the owner of DCH 999, a young German law graduate who appreciated the chance to be on our coastline and was enjoying our Kiwi lifestyle .  Not one of the offenders I'm sure - safe travel .     MLB

20 Jan 2018

Carillon Bells, Marsland Hill.

We're back out sketching, and boy did I need it this week! Today's location was Marsland Hill. I decided to try the Carillon Bells. I've looked at them before and decided "Nope. Too complicated." Each time. So today I thought, "What the heck, I'll give them a go."
Here's the result:

 You can see a couple of sketchers in the next one!

Some info if you want it:

The Story of Marsland Hill

4 Jan 2018

Gill St buildings and taxis

Here is a set of three sketches showing the construction of a new inner city motel and the buildings that used to be there. I had to go back multiple times for these since they were done at lunchtimes and I wanted to get a newer style of taxi in the same place as the first 2012 sketch (which also has the old style parking meters too).