29 Sep 2012

Cnr Liardet and Gilbert Streets.

Today we sketched on and around Liardet Street in New Plymouth. This lovely old house is on the corner of Gilbert and Liardet Streets. I found it quite a challenge.

New Plymouth District Council

Today we met at the front of the New Plymouth District Council building, some of us did a sketch of the building as we have a financial interest in it and others sketched some of the older and interesting houses near by. The after match function took place at the Kiosk, this helped with the maintenance of my figure.

 A photo of the New Plymouth District Council building where we sketched today.

28 Sep 2012

Performing Arts Collective

We were invited to sketch at a show by the Performing Arts Collective at the New Plymouth Club. I found it a bit difficult since the acts changed quite frequently and I usually take ages to draw. I was also a bit tired from the Morley Street sketching earlier in the day. Still, I was generally happy with this one.

27 Sep 2012

Morley and Devon Street

This is a pretty cool older building on the corner of Morley and Devon Streets is now home to a florist. I liked the surplus of signs in the one area (including four 'Stop's).

26 Sep 2012

The Fernery.

Sketch & watercolour of a small fountain in the Fernary in Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

23 Sep 2012

By Arrangement

By Arrangement
A flower and gift shop. We decided to sketch this building not just for it's colours but also it's architecture and a well built wooden property. When I came to New Plymouth forty years ago I'm sure this was a corner dairy.

22 Sep 2012

By Arrangement

A pleasant afternoon in the sun

The red flower shop with a step facade, and plenty of comments and suggestions from the cars pulling up to stop by the traffic island.

21 Sep 2012

My Kowhai Tree - Jackie.

It was a beautiful day today so I decided to sit in my garden and sketch. The colour of the flowers in my Kowhai tree against the blue of the sky was spectacular. I tried an experiment and used only watercolour, (no pen), to capture it.

Here is the result:
The Kowhai is a native of New Zealand. It attracts our native bird the Tui who feed on the nectar of the flowers. I thought I had one Tui in this tree, but once I sat sketching it I realised I had two. There was only one in the tree at a time as they are very territorial, but were constantly changing and arguing over which one it would be.

Here is a photo of a Tui in my Mum's Kowhai tree I took some time ago:

Tui (Prothemadera novaeseelandiae).
Family: meliphagidae
Fully Protected. Native to New Zealand. Slightly bigger than a blackbird. Found throughout New Zealand up to 3500 feet. Primarily in Native Forests, but also in gardens.

19 Sep 2012

The Fernery,Pukekura Park

It was decided for a change the Wednesday art group would meet in Pukekura Park at the Kiosk,have a coffee and maybe do a sketch.
It didn't quite work that way,our great leader Jackie had to work, Norah went for a nice walk with the med-week Trampers and I think Michelle had to work - So Eileen and myself meet at the Kiosk,as there was a bit of a nip in the air we decided to first do a sketch in the Fernery and then had a cup of tea and a bun.So we will be back on track next week and meet at Eileen's.

15 Sep 2012

A Wet Day Sketching Each Other!

 An attempt at Brian who was drawing Paul.

Trevor while he was drawing Norah.

A try at colouring. I used biro for this one then watercoloured over the top.

An interesting activity for a very wet afternoon. I'm not really getting the likenesses right yet, but maybe these pictures are of  Trevor and Brian's cousins?

Rapid Sketching - Faces

With some hints from David Rankin's 5 min sketching approach we had lots of laughs

14 Sep 2012

Govett-Brewster Gallery

Nations is a installation of treadle sewing machines and hand-painted flags that represent the 192 of the 193 countries in the united nations,all entangled with threads.

Virtual Paintout, Zealand, Denmark

9 Sep 2012

At the Govett-Brewster

Whenever I sketch inside the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, my drawings look a bit strange. Images of a surreal dream. Looking over a half-wall to a lower floor was a rotating mobile sculpture made of steel, lit brightly from one side and casting a shadow on a grey wall. In front of that was a video projected onto a hanging panel. I could imagine that if I didn't describe the scene a bit more you would be wondering what you are looking at.
The next two were from a different show at the same gallery, about one year earlier. One was an overhead view of some visitors watching a group of musicians interpret the different pieces. The other is another strange drawing of the result.


New Plymouth Prison - Detail

When we were sketching the prison,
I was thinking about the oldness of
the building and the modern additions.

Govett Brewster Art Gallery.

Nations by NS Harsha.

Nations is an installation of treadle sewing machines and hand-painted flags that represent the 192 countries in the United Nations, all entangled with threads. Through this work, Harsha highlights international politics and the outsourcing of disenfranchised and alienated labourers in response to the demands of world economies. Unlike the previous presentations of this work at the 2009 Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates and also in 2009, at INIVA in London, this installation at the Govett-Brewster features heirloom sewing machines loaned from people and museums in Taranaki and Whanganui, calling to mind personal and social histories of Aotearoa New Zealand.

 Here is my sketch. I was told this was one of the oldest sewing machines used. I found this an exhibition well worth visiting. I enjoyed the old sewing machines, and the vibrancy of the colours used in the flags.

8 Sep 2012

All stitched up

Whilst it hosed down outside, we sketchers nobly drew a sea of heirloom treddle sewing machines from the homes of Taranaki.  Mainly old Singers with ornate goldwork, carvings, and wrought iron.
I chose this hand operated machine.

5 Sep 2012

No bars held


New Plymouth prison has held the rich and famous since the 1840's

2 Sep 2012

Todd Energy Aquatic Centre.

Today I spent the afternoon at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre. It is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and complex centrally located in New Plymouth.

I took note of the Lifeguards, especially the ones standing in the centre of two pools. They were parading up and down and then posing as if they were on the catwalk. Too tempting for a sketcher!

The difficulty was they didn't stop for long, and every time I was getting somewhere, they would change to a different guard. I managed to get two of them.

This one took his job very seriously:

This one was a little more laissez faire:


1 Sep 2012

New Plymouth Prison

We had a good turn out today to sketch the New Plymouth Prison. It was a beautiful sunny warm spring day and everyone was keen.

This prison, dates from the 1870s, and it is the country's oldest prison still operating. Today it is used as a minimum to high-medium security facility for 112 prisoners, plus offenders on remand. It is due to be decommisioned on the 1st March 2013. It is listed as a Category I historic place by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. It currently has 80 prisoners and that number is gradually being wound down.

It is now deemed an earthquake risk and unsuited to modern standards of justice, its doors will clang shut for the last time when most current prisoners will have finished their terms.

Here is my sketch:


New Plymouth Prison

George Wilder escaped from here.  New Zealand's oldest prison built 1861 originally as a military hospital within sight of Marslands Hill.  Soon to be decommissioned next year.
Our friendly Corrections Officer related various stories, including a prisoner who leap over the wire and wall into the darkness, hobbled to a phone to make a call to his mum to pick him up, who promptly dobbed him in.