29 Oct 2015

King Street from the Kings Building


Jordan border crossing - an involved process. Poster showing all the Hashemite kings

 Shrak - bedouin bread making

Top left pic below I drew whilst riding the horse.  Later I tried drawing whilst riding a camel - there was no chance!!



El Al brunch
Night walk down Tel Aviv beach

Teaming up with the friendly and welcoming Israeli sketchers at Sorona in Tel Aviv
Former German Templar colony

I gave my first soldiers sketch to one of the soldiers who was very keen to have it.


Tel Aviv Beach

Our excellent and knowledgeable tour guide, a former Sergeant Major!

Boat across the Sea of Galilee
Corinthian Capitals at the Temple of Pan

Mount of Beatitudes
Peter statue - near his mum's place

Roman leftovers at Capernaum

Sun rise over Galilee

From Mount of Olives

Olives from the garden of Gethsemane
An opera singer friend gave an magnificent performance for us in St Annes

Hubble bubble

Western Wall

Sound light show on the city walls - then a thunder storm erupted to chime in as well

St Peters - where the cock crowed thrice


Dead sea bobbing

Hong Kong

Plane Tug