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We are word-of-mouth sketching enthusiasts from the province of Taranaki, New Zealand.  We sketch weekly out and about.

Established in June 2009 when Scott and Paul decided to practice their skills for travel sketching.


(In sequence of coming on board)

 Scott Wilson 

People like to or would secretly like to, peer over the shoulder of a sketcher. I've enjoyed those chats for over 20 years as a Tombow pen sketcher, especially whilst travelling.  You learn a lot in an hour about people, structures and scenes.  Our special group is an excellent excuse to enjoy that same experience locally. 


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Turkey Travel

Here you can preview my sketching book: A Pen Full of Light

Singapore TV Interview Video interview
20 min Access Radio Sketching Interview

 Paul Dempsey 

I am a late stater in the art world.  My two daughters encouraged me in those few years when they think Dad is fantastic  -  and we sketched together in parks,etc.

Art was not "cool" for boys when I was at primary and secondary school.

In recent years I noticed fellow travellers sketching and painting in all sorts of places and wanted to try this. So I bought a tiny travellers watercolour set and began.

My love is travel sketching - pen and wash - max. time -half an hour - and it is so much more satisfying than taking photos.


 Julie Manning 

A very keen sketcher, I have to be content to be an absentee member of the talented group of The Taranaki Sketchers, as I reside in the Bay of Plenty on the East coast of New Zealand.

Taranaki has no end of iconic subjects suitable for sketching which are nostalgic to me, as I spent many years there. So sadly, I miss out on regular sketch days.

However, I love to keep a sketch diary of overseas travels, rather than the written word, as every sketch has a time and place and brings back great memories. I love to travel, and tour by bike and kayak, or long distance walking, so each enables me time to sketch, and I am an avid follower of Urban Sketchers, as well as Virtual Paintout online.


 Trevor Davies 

I came to New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1972 and found this a wonderful
place with very friendly people. I have been sketching on and off most of my

I joined The Taranaki Sketchers in 2009 and found every time a new artist joined they brought us to a new level - long may it continue.


 Liz Bridgeman 

I joined Taranaki Sketchers in 2010 and am enjoying belonging to a small group of artists who are brave enough to go out into public places and sketch live without the assistance of photographs or the privacy of a studio.

Sketching is fun and challenging. It's a great excuse to visit all sorts of places and take the time to observe and record. I love it.


 Jackie Flynn 

Hi there, I'm Jackie. I joined The Taranaki Sketchers in 2010. When I joined sketching was something I didn't know I could do, although I have always had an interest in art. I have come a long way since then, and I now regularly sketch as well as belonging to our off-shoot Wednesday Art Group who regularly get together. I have exhibited a few paintings in our local community gallery The Real TART Gallery in New Plymouth and my future plan is to exhibit some of my better sketches and maybe even sketch on canvas!
Urban Sketchers Flickr Group:

  Brian Gnyp 

I've been living and drawing in New Plymouth since 2004. I joined the Taranaki Sketchers in early 2011 and find that being around these keen artists is motivating me to draw more than usual.

My website


 Maurice Betts 

I’ve painted for over 35 years and until now time has been the enemy. Now I’ve given myself the opportunity to take my art as far as I can.   I like the acrylic’s and water colours but my preference is oils.  I like the option of smooth finish or quick bold strokes to emphasis the light and subject. It is this style that I’ll head for from now on. Joining the Taranaki Sketchers has helped me to concentrate on the topic rather than the peripheral – and anyway it’s fun.

 Norah Lambie 

I have always drawn and have painted in all mediums. My interests are Portraits, Life drawing, Movement, Dance and the humanities.
I especially enjoy the element of surprise that Watercolour offers.

 Mary Bird 

Sketching makes me happy; it’s as simple as that. Sketching with the group makes me even happier. It really is as if the world stands still between 1.30 to 3.00pm on a Saturday when I’m sketching. You don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow because your total focus is on your subject and what the line on your paper is doing. “Coming out” as a sketcher and sketching in public was a challenge at first.  Now I really enjoy interacting with people in the streets when I’m drawing. The kids’ comments are classic and their instant and honest feedback is a great leveler. Look out, there are sketchers everywhere and you could be our subject next Saturday.

 Angela Gnyp 

I moved to New Plymouth in 2004 and have been sketching with the group since May 2011. For me, drawing is a means of personal expression. It is a way of recording how I see the world and it has been my main creative outlet for over ten years.

 Patricia Wilson 

My father drew whatever I asked him as a child.  Drawing was a natural part of our household.  I went to the Dunedin School of Art and taught art as my profession.
Creative ideas have always been part of my life.

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Alan Morris
Sketching is a new media for me.  I have a love of old buildings and to reproduce these in pen and ink is my challenge.  The skill of my fellow sketchers inspires me to improve my efforts.

Andrea Connor

Although not new to ‘things art,’ I am new to Urban Sketching, and finding the immediacy of working in the moment both a challenge and a pleasure.
I am currently learning the fine line between ‘capturing the moment’ and over-drawing the details, this will be an on-going curve of discovery.

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  1. Hello I am seeking to contact Mrs Patricia Wilson who was my art instructor at Southland Boys High School from 1967 to 1969 inclusive. Please fwd my email address to her bruceaitken910@gmail.com
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