23 Aug 2014

A Sheltered Sunny Spot.

Six little sketchers sitting in a line!

Jackie, Norah, Maurice, Mary, Scott and Patricia.

The Gables and Surrounding Area.

Sketching was not for the faint hearted today. Although the day was beautiful and sunny, the wind was strong and quite cold. I had another try at the Gables. Not easy to sketch as there is so much detail. I sat in a cold windy spot and drew it, then gave up and joined the others in a sunny sheltered spot.

Here is my sketch:


Chinese Pavilion

The Spring Winds Pavilion was living up to its name, a cool blowy Sou'Easter,on a sunny day.  Out of the wind we were getting a sun tan.
So many fiddly bits, and we didn't have to make it, just draw it.  The challenge to get the effect without drawing it all.

Chinese Pavilion

Kunming Pavilion
Sketched by Patricia

18 Aug 2014

Sketching Workshop by Brian

 Kings & Queens Hotel Suites lion
Ozone Jeep

Brian's sketching workshop presentation

Show and Tell  afterwards

Sketching Workshop by Brian

Puke Ariki sketchers
Arborio diners
Winter sketchers
Frankley Rd Dairy Factory

16 Aug 2014

Urban Sketching by Brian Gnyp.

Today was Brian's talk for the Homework Exhibition at Puke Ariki. He had a very good turn out, and everyone was very keen and interested.

I turned up early in the morning to sketch along with Brian and Scott. I had another try at Puke Ariki. I sat outside The Landing Cafe and looked across Ariki Street this time.

I'm still not happy. No doubt I will try again another day!

Then in the afternoon with everyone else I sat and sketched on Puke Ariki Landing. I was quite taken with this girl in a long black coat. When standing and walking she looked a lot like a Victorian Lady with a corseted waist, long flowing skirts and heavy boots for walking in the dirty streets or mud.
In fact I don't think that was her intention at all. She was a Goth. The child however was dressed in modern clothing and looked mismatched.

14 Aug 2014

small boat , Hamilton Lake

We visited Hamilton recently to see the family and mind the house while they took a holiday. On a fine , cold , winters day we took in the walkway around the Lake. This small boat, sat in the winter sun , seemingly locked behind the bars of the fence , just waiting to be set free. 0.03 Artline pen and water colours .[ 25 minutes]  MLB

11 Aug 2014

Puke Ariki Sketchcrawl (Come and draw!)

A model of a pre-historic shark (Megalodon) is suspended in the air as hungry visitors eat lunch.
One more week until my presentation on urban sketching at Puke Ariki. Since I haven't really been drawing tons lately, here is a post featuring a couple from my archives that didn't make the blogs. (I guess this is a B-Side Sketch post.) These two are of the museum/library that is currently hosting an art show of nearly 100 local artists called 'Homework: Taranaki art Now'. I was lucky enough to be selected and am organising a sketchcrawl on Saturday, the 16th of August at 1.30pm to 3.00pm. It starts with an introduction and slideshow and then after that, everyone goes out drawing. At 3, there will be a display and sketchbook swap so if you're interested, bring your sketchbooks and whatever art medium you prefer. 
The Mobile Library, in the back of Puke Ariki. It's a bus that travels around and stops at strategic places for readers to take out books from a rotating on-board selection. Stops usually included locations out-of-the-way and near retirement homes. A local school lost their library in a fire and that is another temporary stop until a new one is built.