16 Aug 2014

Urban Sketching by Brian Gnyp.

Today was Brian's talk for the Homework Exhibition at Puke Ariki. He had a very good turn out, and everyone was very keen and interested.

I turned up early in the morning to sketch along with Brian and Scott. I had another try at Puke Ariki. I sat outside The Landing Cafe and looked across Ariki Street this time.

I'm still not happy. No doubt I will try again another day!

Then in the afternoon with everyone else I sat and sketched on Puke Ariki Landing. I was quite taken with this girl in a long black coat. When standing and walking she looked a lot like a Victorian Lady with a corseted waist, long flowing skirts and heavy boots for walking in the dirty streets or mud.
In fact I don't think that was her intention at all. She was a Goth. The child however was dressed in modern clothing and looked mismatched.

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