22 Mar 2015

Wet White Hart Hotel

This wasn't my first choice of what to draw this week but the rain made us find shelter to draw. Trying to stay dry, I made a few mistakes in my slow and careful drawing style. Instead of ripping out the page and starting again, I went back into it with a heavy pen and saved it.
This thing really is brutal to draw. With so much repetitive detail in the building, even I have trouble not getting bored with it all. I have to say that I didn't mind sketching this after I started to let go a bit and draw it loosely.

21 Mar 2015

Last weeks sketch and this weeks sketch.

So the meeting place today was by the clock tower near the new Len Lye Centre that's being built. We looked at the new building, it's starting to look spectacular with it's stainless steel skin going up. No idea how to draw that!

The Clock Tower reflected in the new stainless steel skin.

So here is my sketch. The old and the new. The White Hart Hotel and the scaffolding over the Len Lye Centre.

 And last Saturday. 14/03/2015.

Last week we went to Brougham Street and I sketched the lovely old building that used to be Andre's Restaurant.

7 Mar 2015

Art Deco Weekend

ART DECO WEEKEND ....Napier..... just to prove that while the Team were hard at it at home , I was trying to do my bit while away . Great fun.  Pretty crowded to get much done but .....    MLB

4 Mar 2015

Waiwhakaiho River from Merrilands Domain.

I finally sat down and finished this one today. Eileen and I went out sketching to the Merrilands Domain a couple of weeks ago. We had a go at the Waiwhakaiho River winding it's way through the rocks. For a change I used watercolour pencil.


2 Mar 2015

Fresh Prints of Bel Airs

Americarna, the American Car Festival was in New Plymouth last weekend. Again, the CBD was closed down and became a classic car show. Angela and I found a shady bit with a view between two blocks of cars. Half way through our drawings, we realized that we were drawing the same type of car... a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air! 
(Car Nerd Info: The 2nd car behind my Bel Air is a 1960 Chevrolet Impala.)

Beauty of a Bel Air

Nestled in the stepped entranceway of a downtown apartment building, I had the perfect place to sit, sketch and watch the crowds at one of New Plymouth's most popular events.

At Americarna 2015, I favoured drawing the tail end of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. The car's beautiful turquoise paintwork and curving silver lines really appealed to me as it sat partly hidden behind the lime chaos of nearby grasses.