12 Oct 2013

The Fernery Pukekura Park.

Today because the weather was so iffy we went back to The Fernery in Pukekura Park. It's a nice peaceful place to sit and sketch, and as Scott said:
 "I bet you haven’t drawn every flower there yet."

I decided to have another go at the fish. They've been giving me trouble!
Here is my sketch:

Cycling in Germany

1500 km of cycling from Hamburg to Prague thru Magdeberg/Berlin/Dresden/Prague offered some fabulous sketch opportunities

 Fredrich Hunderwasser's last commissioned building in Magdeberg. 

East Berlin mural - East Side Hotel


6 Oct 2013

Amusement Park Rides

This week a bunch of us gathered to have a look at some amusement park rides that were set up on a patch of grass by the sea. Even though it was predicted to rain this weekend, it was very sunny and there were lots of people. While some of the others were drawing the rides, I thought that it was the people, especially the kids with ear to ear grins, that make something like this really happen.