29 Oct 2017

Manutahi Museum. Taxidermy past and present.

It is the start of the Taranaki Garden Festivals this weekend.
We went to the Manutahi Museum of taxidermy past and present. Some animals were so lifelike they looked like they would fly or run away. Others were a work in progress with wires, pins and pegs on them.

14th October 2017 New Roof for The Gables.

The Gables has a new roof made of 20,000 cedar shingles imported from Canada. It is all looking very new at the moment, but I'm sure with time it will silver off a bit.

28 Oct 2017

Museum stuffed full

The Manutahi Museum is run by taxidermist enthusiast John Ward.  What variety, from rampant polar bears to scorpions.

One is never "boared'

Not often you get time to study the colours of a regular peacock.
 This golden pheasant had lived in the wild one house away, and had passed away recently by bumping into the neighbour's window.  John was in the process of resurrecting it.  The colours were incredible, the maroon feathers looked like they had been placed over the tail feathers - nature is unusual.


an amazing display at the Manutahi Museum of  taxidermy ;animals, birds , a polar bear , spiders , ducks,  ....hundreds of exhibition pieces.  MLB

23 Oct 2017

Motorama 2017 (and 2016)

Went to Taranaki Motorama again this year and ended up looking at a 1980 Pontiac Trans-AM. The sketch on the right is the one that I did last year at the same show at East End Reserve but haven't uploaded it until now.

22 Oct 2017

Photo was by Barry Mills ( imagebarry@gmail.com , 027 255 4408) taken at the car show at New Plymouth's East End beach reserve. My partially finished sketch is of a beautifully presented 1936 Ford Coupe. MLB

21 Oct 2017


These guys entertained us  from a tray of a truck at Motorama 2017 at East End - a car-fest.

18 Oct 2017

Liardet Street

I just got back from my annual holiday so I haven't been drawing much the last few weeks. Same vacation as last year; it's the one where I hurt my back and do nothing for a while. It's good to be drawing again.

16 Oct 2017

Colourize Project: Tugboat

Colorized version from two years ago of a tugboat between the two breakwaters heading out from Port Taranaki.

7 Oct 2017

Wedding Car

Wedding car

Gables - in background of wedding pics

Inline Skating Champs - local Ravens defending