22 Feb 2015

Starting a kete

Our local group went to sketch a traditional Māori weaving workshop at Te Wānanga O Aotearoa Rangiātea. To others not from New Zealand, this is the art of weaving flax fibres into objects such as a pouch, basket (kete) or even clothing. Also, what is known as flax here is not the common Northern hemisphere variety that is known as linseed which is used for its seeds, oil or fibres to make linen. The New Zealand flax grown here is known for its long and firm stringy leaves. In the past, ropes of NZ flax were used on ships and were the strongest that you could get... but back to the weaving!
Māori weaving is traditionally a passed-down skill but these days is often taught in classes. It really is an art and getting together to prepare the long fibres with family and friends is very social. The group of people weaving were catching up and talking about their classes. To pass a high level qualification, one has to tightly weave a number of containers that hold water. Everyone weaving all quickly agreed that while it can be done, it is quite difficult.

21 Feb 2015

Fun with Flax - Raranga

A very hospitable visit to Te Wananga o Aotearoa Rangiatea - with some special flax weaving 

Far North

10 Day trip to the top of the country to see where the two Tasman meets the Pacific - well worth seeing!

Waikato stares

Alan's tractor

Cape Reinga Light House

Dave's Slushies - Kaitia Market

Hobbiton - Matamata - sans hobbits

Kupenga - Our Kemp House Kerikeri guide

Waka training Lake Ngatu

Mangonui - from the famous fish and chip shop - Colonial fishing village

1836 Kerikeri Old Stone Store

Opononi fishing with the locals

The catch

Revogue - Waikato

Thai Resturant - Tuk Tuk Russell, Bay of Islands

Dog tucker - Waikato

Waitangi meeting house guardian
Pou-toko-manawa supporting the ridgepoles

17 Feb 2015

Kawaroa Park Overlooking the Rock Pools.

We spent a glorious afternoon sitting in the sun and sketching at Kawaroa Park last Saturday. The tide was out so we could overlook the rock pools which are the remains of an ancient lava flow.

There was a dredging boat going backwards and forwards as we sketched.
Here is my sketch:

9 Feb 2015

Three of a kind

Another hot day in Taranaki avoiding sunburn under a tree and looking out to sea. The three large buildings in the mid-ground are on the same city block. I've always felt like they are related somehow and mentally group them together. Although totally unrelated in usage and architecture, I still to want to group them somehow.
When I finished this one I remembered another drawing I did in 2011 of the same three. Again, drawn together and framed in the same type of tree too. Included below are the original, before digital colouring, and the previous 2011 red pen of the same buildings.

1 Feb 2015

Paris Plage et al

Kate's Citroën Deux Chevaux Charlston. Literally 'two steam horses'.  The 2CV was introduced in the late 40's with the last run in 1990. The design brief included being able to drive across a furrowed field with a basket of unbroken eggs. Complete with air cooled engine and roll back sunroof to stick your farm implements and baguettes out of :-)
The Vice President of Citroën later had the roof raised so he could drive whilst wearing a hat.

Paris Plage - East End Reserve

Marsland's Hill Observatory

Daily News Cafe, literary coffee drinkers

Paris Plage

Satisfied customers - Paris Plage Cafe - East End Reserve

Scott Sketching

Sketched by Patricia