29 Nov 2018

Huatoki Plaza

Huatoki Plaza was a retail building that was removed to expose the covered stream beneath it. New Plymouth made a reasonably boring urban space for people to ignore. One day, an artist put up a paste-up image of a face to try to make it better. It probably did because these days, the Plaza has several artists' work on various buildings that face it. I've sketched one of the buildings a few times and currently has artwork by Phil 'Suspect' Jones. His studio is actually in the Plaza and his murals are all around town.

27 Nov 2018

California Dreamin

Sea Lions snoozing at La Jolla near San Diego

San Diego Zoo

San Diego zoo

San Jose - Apple HQ Silicon Valley

Ford Trimotor San Diego Air & Space Museum

Outside Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base between San Francisco & LA

Bronze 'Top Men' hauling in the sheets - Dana Point

One of Rodin's 'Thinker's' - Stanford  University Palo Alto

14 Nov 2018

Rainy Villa

On a covered deck in the rain I got a cold that lasted a week. Now, the sun's back and so am I.

3 Nov 2018

Salmon Building

I only see this place in winter even though it's painted a bright salmon orange. The plants and moss growing on the side of it camouflage it into the fresh spring leaves. I did this one in September and the building's already starting to disappear among the trees.