31 Jan 2015

Paris Plage at East End Reserve.

The meeting point today was Paris Plage Cafe at East end Reserve. A very pleasant afternoon it was too. A wonderful atmosphere, good music and an afternoon sitting in not the sun, cloud! We had the first rain in weeks although it didn't really last long. Just enough to put a few spots on our sketches!

First I challenged myself to draw people:

Then another quick sketch of the looming clouds:

24 Jan 2015

Marsland Hill on a sweltering hot fine day.

A gorgeous day today. We are really being spoilt with the weather. We went and sat up on Marsland Hill and sketched the views. If you wanted to see the views, you weren't in the shade so we cooked just a little.

This was my first day out sketching for 2015 and I managed to get two sketches done.

Here they are:

11 Jan 2015

Sticks and hankies

The annual Tupare Fair this time hosted 80 Morris Dancers from several countries. The lower garden lawn was a sunny micro-climate, causing some sweat midst the festivities.

Morris Dancers

Sketched by Patricia

8 Jan 2015

A few days away and where better then at Ohope , NZ's Favourite Beach [ by popular vote].
safe for kids big and small. MLB  

4 Jan 2015

Te Henui

Expedition to the dead centre of town.

Te Henui Cemetery to visit one of the angels

Nearby bridge widening