30 Aug 2012

Petite Paris

Liz is our e-sketcher, using her ipad.  This a quick rendering within Petite Paris Cafe.

27 Aug 2012

Inside Peggy Gordon's

This weeks target was the Irish pub, Peggy Gordon's in New Plymouth. With everyone choosing their perfect angle to draw the outside, I figured that someone needed to draw the inside too. I 'bravely' volunteered.

26 Aug 2012

A great weekend with The Taranaki Sketchers

Salamans Tomb at the Te Henui Cemetery
NP Clock Tower on a grey overcast day
St Andrews Church
Te Henui Vicarage
Spending a month with the Taranaki Sketchers was an inspiration for me and it is with reluctance I return home to Tauranga this week.  Many thanks for the company and lots of laughs along the way.
Surrey Hill Road Oakura - The Quays

25 Aug 2012

Peggy Gordon's

Whilst it had the Irish flag fluttering, it had both the shamrock and the Scottish thistle emblazoned on either side of the entrance - presumably to broaden the clientele.

I was intrigued to see I had drawn this same view two years earlier.  Have I made any progress?

Not happy with the green rendering but a better overall profile.

Peggy Gordon's Celtic Bar

This is the last sketch I did for our old Taranaki Sketchers website with Springnote. I haven't done any more since and I'm at work today so I thought I'll start my first post with this one. It was a cool cloudy day to be out sketching, and this sketch took over an hour to get the penwork done. I coloured this from memory later, which took me about two weeks to do. Hopefully I got the colours right!

Peggy Gordon's Celtic Bar opened in November 1993. Bertie Burleigh is New Plymouth's famous publican known for pushing boundaries since 1993. Peggy Gordons effectively know as Peggy's or The Irish Bar, the home of good guiness and good Criac in New Plymouth.

I was happy with the finished sketch and it was fun to do. I might do another one on a sunny day once summer comes around and a few more people are out. The only person I found sitting outside on this day was Brian, and I didn't realise he was there until I started drawing the tables! Luckily for him he was sitting outside my sketch area.

24 Aug 2012

Kina NZ Art & Design Space

Kina Gallery was built in 1894 for Charles Mills, as the Exchange Chambers. 

Frank Messenger (of Mt Messenger fame) was the architect. 

It is now one of the oldest timber buildings in the Central Business District of New Plymouth.

I added the window shoppers after I'd drawn the building.  It was calling for some visitors.

21 Aug 2012


I was sitting on the steps of St Andrew's Church in New Plymouth on the corner of Courtenay and Liardet Streets. I was watching the receding busy one-way traffic, the fire fighters in the hall across the street and paying attention to the details of the traffic lights as I sketched. The 'squeegee bandits' were out on the corner as well. These are a group of young people who are making a bit of cash by washing windows at red lights. There is a bit of controversy about this right now. It's in the newspaper occasionally and they may or may not be allowed to continue due to complaints. From what I was observing, they are generally polite with everyone and have no problem if you don't want a wash. Ironically, the only public menace on that corner was the van of teenagers driving around the block over and over again, yelling at them to 'get a life'.

19 Aug 2012

St Andrews

The Third St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in New Plymouth. The original St Andrew’s was built in 1863 and was destroyed by fire in 1884. The present building was erected in 1932.
St Andrew’s has been designed in the style of a traditional English Gothic revival church. Constructed of plastered, reinforced concrete, clad in Waiwhakaiho stone. The roof is slate and the spire sheathed in copper.