26 Aug 2012

A great weekend with The Taranaki Sketchers

Salamans Tomb at the Te Henui Cemetery
NP Clock Tower on a grey overcast day
St Andrews Church
Te Henui Vicarage
Spending a month with the Taranaki Sketchers was an inspiration for me and it is with reluctance I return home to Tauranga this week.  Many thanks for the company and lots of laughs along the way.
Surrey Hill Road Oakura - The Quays


  1. Sorry to see you go Julie. I'm glad you enjoyed your month with us! I didn't get to sketch with you much this time, but maybe next time you come I'll do better!

  2. Hi Julie, we thought of you the following week at the prison. Low and behold, in front of the scene were the ubiquitous orange cones.

  3. Hi Julie, I just saw your piece on the Virtual Paintout. Excellent work. I love your style and the touch of color too. Really, everyone on this site is phenomenal. What a cool group!