25 Aug 2012

Peggy Gordon's Celtic Bar

This is the last sketch I did for our old Taranaki Sketchers website with Springnote. I haven't done any more since and I'm at work today so I thought I'll start my first post with this one. It was a cool cloudy day to be out sketching, and this sketch took over an hour to get the penwork done. I coloured this from memory later, which took me about two weeks to do. Hopefully I got the colours right!

Peggy Gordon's Celtic Bar opened in November 1993. Bertie Burleigh is New Plymouth's famous publican known for pushing boundaries since 1993. Peggy Gordons effectively know as Peggy's or The Irish Bar, the home of good guiness and good Criac in New Plymouth.

I was happy with the finished sketch and it was fun to do. I might do another one on a sunny day once summer comes around and a few more people are out. The only person I found sitting outside on this day was Brian, and I didn't realise he was there until I started drawing the tables! Luckily for him he was sitting outside my sketch area.

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