31 Jan 2014

February Exhibition Opening Night.

This evening we had the opening night of our first exhibition. What a turn out! The place was so packed you could hardly move. Everything was looking fantastic, and everyone enjoyed looking at the exhibition. Three of us even sold a painting!

I don't have photos of everyone yet, but here's what I have so far:


This was at the start. The crowd just got bigger, and bigger and bigger!

30 Jan 2014

Tupare Garden Market

New Plymouth organised a garden market set up at Tupare Garden. For those that don't know the place, there's this reasonably large old house set on this manicured hillside. Once a large residence, this park now makes a pretty good location for country market stalls, food and music. From my perch under a tree, I could sketch people from above while listening to the different musicians. There was one who was singing current popular music in a slow and jazzy style. A mellow lounge singer version of Daft Punk's Get Lucky still pops into my head from time to time.

26 Jan 2014

Old and New

An old grave behind the cathedral with a new headstone.  The top of this one has the same sculptural 'cloth over an urn' that was on the stone from a sketch in August. The other one didn't seem that new so maybe this style is one of those 'timeless classics' that families keep choosing throughout the years. 
(This is also a similar view to a sketch from a couple years ago. A hot day and drawing in the shade under a tree. The tree on the right here is the same tree on the left in the red sketch.)
'Red' sketch from 2012

25 Jan 2014

Te Kupenga International Stone Carving Symposium Auction.

We went doen to the Te Kupenga International Stone Carving Symposium Auction today. One of our group has been very busy carving for the last three weeks.
Here are some pictures of her work:

I didn't have much luck with sketching today. Too many people everywhere! AND very hot. Every time I tried to draw someone they walked off.

Here is my effort such that it is:

20 Jan 2014

The Teddy Bear's Picnic

It was the Teddy Bear's Picnic last Saturday at Pukekura Park on the Hatchery Lawn. There was a huge crowd there, and it was quite a mission to sketch it! The thing is though, you can sit on your picnic blanket, and quietly sketch the people around you without them even realising!

Here are my sketches:

As you can see.....Chaos!

17 Jan 2014

2014 Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Symposium

Almost two weeks ago, we were down at the water's edge to draw the 2014 Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Symposium. This basically is stone carvers from around the world getting together in one public place here in New Plymouth to make a bunch of work in front of an audience. I drew Nigel Scalon working away on his first cuts. I saw him again yesterday working like crazy to finish up. He had one day left before all work was stopped, tools removed and the public is allowed to freely walk around to see (and touch) the different pieces. After another week, there is an art auction at the site.

This event happens every two years. Last year, I ended up colouring my sketch and the two blue ones are from even a little bit earlier when we went to go draw at their club working site. (Click the pics to enlarge.)

15 Jan 2014

Tupare Garden Fair.

I have decided I am getting rusty sketching people, so that is what I am planning on doing at the moment. This fellow was manning one of the stalls at the Tupare Garden Fair.
Here is my sketch:

9 Jan 2014

Come to our Exhibition in February.

Some of our group are exhibiting our work at the Real TART Upstairs Gallery in New Plymouth.

Here is our flyer:

Join us for our opening night, or just come in and have a look!

Sketches have worldwide audience

5 Jan 2014

Wind blown dust n dirt

Dozens of andesite carvers beavered away.  Howard Tuffrey on his three legged bowl.  Liz one of our sketchers is one of the chief organisers of this international symposium down at the coastal walkway.

Rock Symposium

Sketched by Patricia
About 5 dog portraits were whacked out and taken home happily by their proud owners