27 Dec 2017

Te Henui Bridge

This is a pedestrian bridge that forms part of the Coastal Walkway. It crosses the Te Henui stream just before it flows into the sea. I did the watercolour about half a year ago but I didn't really like it and put it away. After I did the pen sketch, I pulled out the other one to compare (as it was of the same place). Maybe it wasn't finished, maybe it needed more paint, maybe the darks weren't dark enough... It's hard to say since I'm sort of just starting to use watercolours myself. So I went back into it and did some more painting; it's much better than before. I saved it but it's a lesson in how important it is to get the right amount of paint/water when putting down colours the first time on a page.

24 Dec 2017

Colourize Project: Pohutukawa tree

Here's a watercoloured sketch of a Pohutukawa tree. It's a native New Zealand species that has bright red flowers at this time of the year. I've heard some Kiwis say that this is a New Zealand Christmas tree (I guess from them being red and green over the holiday season).

Thorny the blacksmith making railway nails at the Extravaganza Fair.

St Mary's Lych Gate - historically representing where the dead bodies were passed over to the jurisdiction of the church.

18 Dec 2017

Parking Building

Just a parking building with an ugly green wall. The painted white triangle is mysterious to me as it aesthetically does nothing, yet it is there.

9 Dec 2017

Te Henui Stream, New Plymouth NZ

a lovely day by the Te Henui stream at New Plymouth's East End beach. This area is a reserve with great acticities for all age groups.