30 Apr 2016

Sketchers at work, Pukekura Park.

Here are a few of us in action:

 Mary and Brian

 Alan and Maurice

 Angela, Trevor, my empty spot, Patricia, Norah, Liz


Poet's Bridge, Pukekura Park.

A lovely sunny afternoon sitting sketching by the lake in Pukekura Park today. I decided to try
the Poet's Bridge again today.

Here is my sketch:
Pen and wash with watercolour.

The Taranaki Herald reported on 24 April, 1883 that, "the lucky winner who drew The Poet in the Auckland Autumn Handicap Sweepstake resides in New Plymouth, and has determined, in consequence of his good fortune, to erect a suspension bridge across the lake in the Recreation Grounds, to be called, we believe, "The Poet's Corner."

The lucky punter was James T. Davis, a local New Plymouth businessman, and the sum donated was £150. In the end the bridge was a fixed wooden structure with a span of 70 feet and has always been known as "The Poet's Bridge".

It was designed by Mr Henry Vere Barclay and the contruction was the responsibility of Mr Hooker. He was assisted by Mr William Campbell (carpenter), Mr James Bellringer (painter) and Mr James Revell (blacksmith). The bridge was officially opened on the evening of 10 March, 1884 by the Mayoress, Mrs Bayly.

In a tragic twist of fate, the donor, Mr Davis, was found drowned under the bridge in 1891.
The original bridge was rebuilt in 1938. Its colour scheme is based on the famous red-lacquered Shinkyo Bridge at Nikko,Japan.

Ref: Kete, PukeArili, George Fuller Collection.

Pukekura Park Tea Kiosk

In 1905 a Ladies bathing shed with tea rooms attached was constructed for 68 pounds.  It sent the Recreation Grounds Board well into overdraft.  The original land was purchased in 1876 and was called "The Rec".  Only in 1907 was the term Pukekura Park used, named after the stream which had been dammed to form the lake.  Pukekura meaning "Red Hill".

In 1931 the tea rooms were removed and a new tea kiosk constructed.

A steady stream of ice-cream purchasers queued up at the counter.

Pukekura Park

Sketched by Patricia at Pukekura Park

23 Apr 2016

Maori Artifacts

 World Wide Sketch Crawl day today - our local theme was Maori and Colonial.

Hei Tiki - Hei means to suspend and tiki is human form.  Often made from an old adze its shape tended to be tomahawk shaped.  Made of Pounamu traded up from the west coast of the South Island it was considered treasured.  Taonga - treasures tended to gain their value/ mana from who had owned them previously.

Patu - whalebone mere.  Note that even the little figure inscribed is  also holding a mere.  More used as a stabbing hand to hand weapon.

Putorino flute often made from two pieces of Mati (black pine) lashed together.

Paepae - carving likely from a bench in front of a meeting house.  In local style with pointy heads and pungawerewere (spiderweb) decoration.

Maori Arifacts

Drawn by Patricia - Puke Ariki

20 Apr 2016

In Dunedin, and practicing sketching people.

I've just spent a few days in Dunedin visiting my daughter. Not a lot of time for sketching, but I managed a few.
There is a very good Art shop down here, so I bought myself a Moleskine and some Inktense pencils.
I decided to try a Pen and Wash sketch as I had an hour to fill in.

Here is my sketch:

And practicing sketching people:

Sketching at the top of the Mount Cargill Organ Pipes:

Feeding the Ducks at Dunedin Botanical Gardens:

And on the plane:

16 Apr 2016

9th April 2016 "Soldier's Cottage" Pendarves Street.

This is my sketch of the "Soldier's Cottage" on Pendarves Street from last week:

There were a lot of angles and a lot of difficult perspectives to deal with. A comment was heard, "Oh man, and the window is open!"

And some photos:
Playing with black and white.

 Trevor sketching from in the garden.

 Brian sketching hiding in the corner.
 A good afternoon's work!

Paris Plage

Petite Paris operates Paris Plage out of a couple of shipping containers at the East End Reserve.  Well patronised by Coastal Walkway users.  Today was gorgeous - still and sunny.

Coastal Walkway Views

Sketched by Patricia

9 Apr 2016

Soldiers Cottage - 89 Pendarves St

89 Pendarves St, New Plymouth: Batten - board style.

Our hosts kindly provided water and a tour in addition to letting us sketch their historic home. London newspaper wallpaper dated 1859 was glued to a former wall.  The location was considered a safe area between Marslands Hill and Niger Fort.

It was six years since we had sketched the three of the five 'Chickens' of 1860's 'Hen and Chickens' fame across the road. The Hen being the parent's (Thomas and Grace Hirst) home, and the Chickens identical houses for the four daughters and one son.  The Soldiers Cottage predates the Hen and Chickens.

84 Pendarves Street
 90 Pendarves Street
 98 Pendarves Street