9 Apr 2016

Soldiers Cottage - 89 Pendarves St

89 Pendarves St, New Plymouth: Batten - board style.

Our hosts kindly provided water and a tour in addition to letting us sketch their historic home. London newspaper wallpaper dated 1859 was glued to a former wall.  The location was considered a safe area between Marslands Hill and Niger Fort.

It was six years since we had sketched the three of the five 'Chickens' of 1860's 'Hen and Chickens' fame across the road. The Hen being the parent's (Thomas and Grace Hirst) home, and the Chickens identical houses for the four daughters and one son.  The Soldiers Cottage predates the Hen and Chickens.

84 Pendarves Street
 90 Pendarves Street
 98 Pendarves Street

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