2 Apr 2016

A day of no sketching.

So there was no sketching today as the weather was atrocious! Absolutely pouring down. Luckily I had a pen and wash workshop to go to which was very worthwhile. It was run by Maxine Thompson.

The kit she asked us to use was very simple and familiar except the pen. This was fantastic, very water soluble and it split into different colours when you blotted it depending on timing.

We started with trees:

And a bit about reflections in water:

Then fruit:

After that we went into our own ideas using photos as inspiration:

Using angles adds character. I had trouble staying away from my watercolours. So this one is pen and wash with watercolour added.

This one was pen and wash.

And yes, I did another one with watercolour added.

And for the final one of the day I tried adding watercolour pencil, which wasn't quite so successful.

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