23 Apr 2016

Maori Artifacts

 World Wide Sketch Crawl day today - our local theme was Maori and Colonial.

Hei Tiki - Hei means to suspend and tiki is human form.  Often made from an old adze its shape tended to be tomahawk shaped.  Made of Pounamu traded up from the west coast of the South Island it was considered treasured.  Taonga - treasures tended to gain their value/ mana from who had owned them previously.

Patu - whalebone mere.  Note that even the little figure inscribed is  also holding a mere.  More used as a stabbing hand to hand weapon.

Putorino flute often made from two pieces of Mati (black pine) lashed together.

Paepae - carving likely from a bench in front of a meeting house.  In local style with pointy heads and pungawerewere (spiderweb) decoration.

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