29 Sep 2013

Security Pipe

To get to the New Plymouth Marina, you would need to go out on one of the breakwaters at Port Taranaki. About halfway out there is this weird security gate. It really is just a large pipe with a closed top and two sections cut out of the sides to make a couple doors. As I was drawing it, some boatie arrived at the front with a couple of bags to take on board his boat. He put them down and unlocked the door. He then picked up the bags, entered and closed the door behind him. From my point of view, I could barely see the gangway on the other side that leads down to the floating wharves. It gave me the impression that he was entering his tiny windowless apartment or that this pipe has some sort of Doctor Who Tardis quality where it is much roomier on the inside.

21 Sep 2013

Call of Taranaki. Reo Karanga O Taranaki.

It was a terrible wet day today so we went to Puke Ariki and sketched the latest exhibition there.

Call of Taranaki.
Reo Karana O Taranaki. 

Twenty five of our leading contemporary Māori artists, all of whom whakapapa back to iwi in this region, are answering the Call of Taranaki.
Through sculpture, weaving, mixed media, photography, clay and painting, the artists celebrate their connections to Taranaki and the magnetic pull of te mounga. 


Whenua 2013 by Donna Campbell

I loved this exhibition, particularly the clothing.

8 Sep 2013

JOE'S GARAGE. New Plymouth.  The old State Hotel as I knew it before it was later known under various names as a bar and restaurant. An old wooden building in the grand style nicely renovated inside.
[ urban sketch, 0.01 drawing pen, Tombow water calours, Sept. 2013, MLB]

7 Sep 2013

Joe's Garage.

Today we went to Joe's Garage on the corner of Devon Street East and Gover Street. Joe's Garage is in the renovated and restored State Hotel. The building is 147 years old, and a lot of the old features have been maintained and exposed to keep the character of the building. Past owners also donated old memorabilia.

Karyn Grant the current director has said:
"It's really lovely seeing this building coming back to life and rejuvenated because it really is a landmark."


Here is my sketch:

Just a quick one today as I arrived late.

Upper Devon St

A new area of town, up by Joe's Garage Café.

Some bikers from Wellington, kindly stayed on as they let us finish their bike.

Mum joined us today, mum's perspective

My sketch of my mum drawing me.  Mum joined us today:
Mum of Trev