28 Sep 2015

Ngamotu Beach.

Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
This beach is now a lovely calm safe beach for young children because of the Lee Breakwater, (the breakwater was built in the 1800s to make a safe harbour for sailing ships). Right next door is the New Plymouth Port which is still a busy shipping port today. If you want to read some history about Ngamotu Beach, follow the link below to Puke Ariki - Taranaki Stories.

Puke Ariki - Taranaki Stories.

26 Sep 2015

Port Taranaki

The ENSCO- 107 jack up rig is in port It measures 71metres by 63m and covers about 4500m2. The rig has three legs each about 157m long.

The rig has been in New Zealand waters for about the last 15 months conducting offshore exploration,

Sketched by Patricia

Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki is home  to Breaker Bay  with seaside cafe's , boating and fishing clubs and well as the usual shipping stuff.  It is the main port for NZ's off-shore oil and gas drilling program.   In this 10 min.  sketch I've tried to illustrate the height contrast with the breakwater, the outer islands  and boats at anchor in the harbour.  MLB

Dry Dock

The long wait to get back in to the water.  Port Taranaki

22 Sep 2015

St Andrews Church , New Plymouth

St Andrews Church , a view from the southern side .  MLB
St Andrews Church - wonderfully distorted in the reflection on the New Plymouth District Council building across the road.  This sketch along with others from the Taranaki Sketchers will be on display at the Church during the  PowerCo Taranaki Garden Spectacular fringe festival , 30  October  to 8 November.     MLB

St Andrews Church New Plymouth NZ

The interior of the St Andrews Church , New Plymouth  NZ.  MLB

20 Sep 2015

4 palms

A row of four palm trees in front of a church, alongside a busy New Plymouth intersection. I had a few people shout from the cars during the red lights that my drawing was starting to come along. If you're one of those in traffic, checking out the finished version here, this one's for you.

19 Sep 2015

St Andrew's Church

Sketched by Patricia

St Andrew's Church

1980's Fishers of Men window -with wonderful paua-like blues at top and bottom.  Fishing net on the right, basket of fish on the left. Horizontal metal rods added recently to minimise high wind damage.

West doors

Spotter at St Andrew's entrance - spying recalcitrant cell-phone speaking drivers. 

13 Sep 2015

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

We were back at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church this week.  It's quite a challenge, so worth the effort.

Here is the blurb:

St Andrew's is a traditional English Gothic revival church. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. Professor W.Hewitson on 1 August 1931.The architect was Frederick de Jersey Clere and the builders were Boon Bros. The cost including land,buildings and furnishings was £12,390.
It was opened and dedicated on the 16th of April 1932 by the Rev. Professor W. Hewitson.

The only major alteration has been the modern entrance hall to the north, officially opened in November 1979.

The church is a prominent city landmark on the corner of Courtenay and Liardet Streets. It has been transformed in recent years thanks to a major restoration project.

I got there early and spent quite a bit of time trying to draw the church. I decided on a change and tried colour pencil.

Here is my sketch:

I then tried a quick sketch of the sundial in the garden. It has the inscription, "I Number None But Sunny Hours." We did have a lovely sunny afternoon.

Here is my sketch:

Pen and watercolour.

St.Andrews Church , New Plymouth NZ.