13 Sep 2015

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

We were back at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church this week.  It's quite a challenge, so worth the effort.

Here is the blurb:

St Andrew's is a traditional English Gothic revival church. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. Professor W.Hewitson on 1 August 1931.The architect was Frederick de Jersey Clere and the builders were Boon Bros. The cost including land,buildings and furnishings was £12,390.
It was opened and dedicated on the 16th of April 1932 by the Rev. Professor W. Hewitson.

The only major alteration has been the modern entrance hall to the north, officially opened in November 1979.

The church is a prominent city landmark on the corner of Courtenay and Liardet Streets. It has been transformed in recent years thanks to a major restoration project.

I got there early and spent quite a bit of time trying to draw the church. I decided on a change and tried colour pencil.

Here is my sketch:

I then tried a quick sketch of the sundial in the garden. It has the inscription, "I Number None But Sunny Hours." We did have a lovely sunny afternoon.

Here is my sketch:

Pen and watercolour.

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