28 Jan 2018

Freedom campers at the Waiwakaiho river , New Plymouth

Freedom campers hit the local news ( and it seems elsewhere in the country) for respecting the local environment , with waste- of all kinds- left behind .  While I was sketching I got talking with the owner of DCH 999, a young German law graduate who appreciated the chance to be on our coastline and was enjoying our Kiwi lifestyle .  Not one of the offenders I'm sure - safe travel .     MLB

20 Jan 2018

Carillon Bells, Marsland Hill.

We're back out sketching, and boy did I need it this week! Today's location was Marsland Hill. I decided to try the Carillon Bells. I've looked at them before and decided "Nope. Too complicated." Each time. So today I thought, "What the heck, I'll give them a go."
Here's the result:

 You can see a couple of sketchers in the next one!

Some info if you want it:

The Story of Marsland Hill

4 Jan 2018

Gill St buildings and taxis

Here is a set of three sketches showing the construction of a new inner city motel and the buildings that used to be there. I had to go back multiple times for these since they were done at lunchtimes and I wanted to get a newer style of taxi in the same place as the first 2012 sketch (which also has the old style parking meters too).

1 Jan 2018

Sushi Ninja Express

I had some time to kill at the local mall so I went and did a sketch of the sushi restaurant on the top floor. It's the kind that has the plates circulating on conveyors so that you can choose as you are seated. Normally when I'm there (eating, not sketching), I can be a while since I like seeing the selections go by and I just like, you know... eating. The two people in my drawing just came in and started on the first plate in front of them. They had their business faces on, had multiple plates and were gone in 10 under minutes. So I learned that this place is really good if you don't have a lot of time. It was also a reminder that when drawing people, when you start, commit to it! You don't know when anyone can move or leave.