30 Sep 2017

Sketching with the Wellington Sketchers.

I'm in Wellington this weekend and managed to catch up with the Wellington Sketchers. They were sketching the Public Trust Building on Lambton Quay. I got there late so I had to work fast and do a quick 20 minute sketch. Sometimes those ones are the best.

Here is my sketch:

Pen, wash and watercolour.

And then show and tell at lunch.

23rd September 2017. Richmond Cottage.

The mission last Saturday was to sketch Richmond cottage. It has a new roof. Twenty thousand cedar roof tiles applied by specialist roofers, (I think from Canada). Unfortunately I was the only sketcher to show up, but I did my bit for the team! It was a nice day, but a bit cold, so I finished this one at home.

Here is my sketch:

Pen, wash and watercolour.
I liked the juxtaposition of the old, Richmond Cottage, against the new, Puke Ariki air Bridge, with this one.

24 Sep 2017

Roulette 63824

Here's a set of three sketches of a fishing boat out of water getting some kind of work done on it. (In the August sketch, it's not the boat in front on the left.) I've done one per month so it's been there for a while now.

13 Sep 2017

Colourize Project: Len Lye Centre & the White Hart

Some people have seen this colour version of this sketch but I haven't uploaded it here until now. This is when the Len Lye Centre opened and they closed down the street so that everyone could take selfies in the stainless steel walls for the first time. This was also done before the White Hart Hotel had the glass put in on the balcony so it's still a bit more old-timey in this sketch.

3 Sep 2017

Colourize Project: Huatoki Street Art

Huatoki Plaza, where the recently flooded stream flows, has several major wall areas in or near it. Some of the artworks last a while and other walls seem to rotate more frequently. This is part of my Colorize Project so these are old sketches. The 2015 sketch looks pretty much the same where the 2013 wall has been painted over.

2 Sep 2017

The People's Tower

An impressive raising of The People's Tower at the Pukekura Park Cricket Ground.  Lots of kids pitching in.  They were gradually raising the levels.  Pity about the light rain but still fun all the same. 

Olivier GrossetĂȘte from Valence, France was the leading light - he has done many worldwide.
 View of the Lee Breakwater - sitting next to my mum I was hoping to get some tips.