30 Jan 2016

27 Jan 2016

Boat Launch

It was early morning down at the port and there were non-stop boats being launched. These crusty sailors have serious skills. I was watching them back a trailer into the water, dump the boat with a pilot on board and go park... all in one motion. It was like scrambling a squadron from the deck of an aircraft carrier. I drew the dock first and then was going to draw a launching in behind it, since they were mostly going in the water on that side. When it came time to sketch the boat, I started to notice how little time I had for each one. The good news (for me) was that this one boat had engine trouble. They had to put it back on the trailer and have a look at it. Without a motor it actually took quite a while to get back on to land. When I finished the dock after that, the same guys put the boat back in the salt water and they were away. All's well that ends well.

23 Jan 2016

SketchCrawl 50 - link to the international site

For those of you just tuning in... (or asking about or discussing it while we were drawing...)
The main international 50th SketchCrawl website is HERE
You can see drawings from around the world (as well as New Plymouth, of course.)

SketchCrawl 50

New Plymouth seems to have a reasonable amount of public art around the place. For this sketchcrawl, we tried to have a theme of the art that is around but to also try to show it in it's context. Try to visually describe where it is. I also brought some paints out this weekend. I'm a bit of a watercolour noob, but it turned out okay. I did a second quick one with a pen from the other direction.
The alley that I was in is on the left of this photo:

50th Worldwide Sketchcrawl Day.

Today was the 50th Worldwide Sketchcrawl day. I was travelling home from Auckland, so I didn't get to join our group The Taranaki Sketchers.
While we were waiting at the airport my 6 year old Grandson and I did a quick sketch to at least have done something!

I did a quick 30 minute pencil drawing of one of the Air NZ Staff:

 and he drew the fish on my watercolour pencil packet:

50th World Wide Sketch Crawl

Doing some final cleaning at the rock carving symposium.

Moving the sculptures into position with a small tractor
Spectators looking on

Many onlookers brought their dogs.  Some stopped for their portraits.
All drawn by Patricia.

50th World Wide Sketch Crawl

Sketch a monument etc.... the New Plymouth waterfront and its now famous walkway with the Len Lye inspired Windwand was an instant attraction for me .  A busy summers day.  MLB

50th World Wide Sketch Crawl

World Wide Sketch Crawl day was initiated by Enrico in San Francisco back in 2004.

Our theme was sculptures, monuments, murals etc in context, in situ.


 War Memorial

Moving stone sculptures at the end of the carving symposium

Trevor got several pics of some of us before we set out

17 Jan 2016

Fresh Onions.

Lovely fresh oinions picked from my garden yesterday. Good enough to draw! This was meant to be a quick drawing. I didn't quite manage it!
Colour pencil.

9 Jan 2016

The Funksters

A perfect sunny day in the lee of the wind at the well patronised Tupare Garden Fair.

The Funksters rousingly entertained us.

4 Jan 2016

The Wind Wand from Puke Ariki Landing.

Saturday was my first day out sketching for a while, and I decided to try the 'Wind Wand' again. The only problem was I got the drawing done and was ready to colour when.......it rained :( Such is life.

Here is the result anyway with the colouring done by memory.

The 'Wind Wand' is a large kinetic sculpture by Len Lye on the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway. In the foreground is another kinetic sculpture the Firkee Wala - In My Heart of Eternal Childhood by artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia.