26 Nov 2012

Out and About near Puke Ariki.

This week we had a guest sketcher with us, Lim Su Min from the Urban Sketchers Singapore group.
Here is a picture of us all:

Liz, Su Min, Scott, Brian (hidden), Coreen, Jackie.

Here is Su Min's sketch:

I chose two locations, the first at the Art Market in front of the Puke Ariki Public Library. The area in front of the libaray is in the process of being revamped and is almost finished. It was hosting the Art Market for the weekend. A good spot to sit and sketch, but very hot in the sun. My paints were almost drying before I got them onto the paper!

Next I did a quick pencil sketch sitting in the shade outside Puke Ariki Museum.

Puke Ariki Nikau Palms.

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