3 Jan 2013

Pukekura Park on 22nd December 2012

On 22nd December 2012 we sketched in Pukekura Park. The final day sketching together for the year. I'm having much the same problem as Brian, and my sketch isn't actually finished yet! I thought I should post it anyway, and put the finished one up later.

I drew Poet's Bridge. I love this bridge, not least because it was built with the winnings on a race horse. The lanterns are part of the festival of the lights.

"In 1883, Pukekura Park board member Mr. J T Davis drew the horse The Poet in a sweepstake on an Auckland race. It won, and Davis collected 150 Pounds which he immediately handed to the board for building the bridge. The Poets Bridge, designed by a Mr. Barclay, was opened in 1884 connecting the two sides of the main boating lake."

Here is my sketch now finished:

My daughter Claire sketched with me. Here is her sketch:

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