6 Apr 2013

Brougham Street

Today we were in and around Brougham Street. I did my sketch from the corner of Brougham and Powderham Streets, looking down Brougham Street to the centre of town. The sea and the windwand are in the distance.

On the right of my sketch you can see Halamoana. I decided I was up for the challenge today. I've been wanting to sketch it for a while, but wasn't brave enough!

The 14m aluminium sculpture Halamoana ("Ocean Pathway") was erected in August 2003.

Its design is based on tufunga lalava, the traditional Tongan binding system used to lash houses or canoes.

Halamoana makes a striking statement on the corner of Brougham and Powderham streets - and when viewed from the top of Brougham Street, it stands to one side of a view shaft down to the sea, with Puke Ariki seen just to the left.

Every night Halamoana is lit with red and blue light, turning it into a modern beacon in central New Plymouth.



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