4 May 2013

Taranaki Poultry and Pigeon Annual Show, Waitara.

Today was the chook show in Waitara. It is always on the first weekend in May. I like to go because I love to see all the different poultry breeds, and I love chooks. It's a great place to go sketching, people, lots of activity and plenty of poultry to draw. I managed to convince Trevor and Brian to come too. I decided to travel light and only took pencils and sketchbook. This meant I got way more sketching done!

Here are my sketches:

Blue Swedish Old Drake. Second place.

ModScietti Magnani C.Y.R Ck. Second Place.

The only problem I have with the chook show is I sometimes buy chooks! This year I bought two.
Here's one of them:

White Leghorn Pullet. Hopefully she'll lay for the winter.

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