17 Aug 2013

What is the colour of the breeze?

Taranaki International Arts Festival 2013

Tiffany Singh creates a community-connected project using wind chimes to focus on the potency, energy and meanings of colour.

For this project the Govett-Brewster education team worked with Taranaki children who, in adorning each wind chime with the hues of the rainbow, created their own colour symbolism and wish for the community.

These 1001 bamboo wind chimes transform an open air cityscape into a sensory experience where people are surrounded by the colour and sound of the chimes. They hang from a spectrum of ribbons and create a vibrant large-scale instrument.


The words that came to my mind were "Living Harmony", especially when the wind was blowing. Children loved it. They were running up and down making the chimes sound.

Here is my sketch:

This one was not easy. There was so much going on it was hard to know what to sketch!

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