7 Dec 2013

Splitties at Oakura

As a former beetle owner, current VW owner, and as a Kombi driver around Europe, understandably any VW gathering is still of interest, especially this one at the Oakura Beach campground.

Years ago we'd even made the pilgrimage to Wolfsburg with its own shipping canal, robots, Lamborghini sound-light shows - indeed a memorable day.  Wolfsburg is the same place the first split screen kombis were manufactured.  However these two 1960's T1s were built in a purpose built Transporter factory in Hanover.

Sadly the end of this year will see the last iconic Kombi produced.

The heat of the sun burnt through the clouds and we sketched with the squeals of family fun and games in the background.  Even Santa and his sleigh of two spaniels arrived to add to the Christmas spirit.

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