24 May 2014

Spring in Italy and France

Sunny spring weather in Northern Italy and Southern France.

Poppies by the roadside, Alps in the distance, cobbled streets, grand buildings, Old towns.... meant for an interesting month of work, plus some sketches.
A café manager kindly provided me a seat, whilst sketching this view outside my hotel in Bergamo

The 50cc Agricultural model put out by Piaggio (of Vespa fame)

The old town of Bergamo Alta - just near the top of the funicular

View of the walled old town on the hill in the distance (Bergamo Alta) from below - Bergamo Bassa

Carabinieri in dress uniform

Carabinieri on duty at the May Day protests - keeping a weather eye out

Milano Castello

Church at Crespi d'Adda, the turn of the century workers village, now UNESCO heritage

The village owner's castle.  He provided housing, schooling, swimming pools, teachers etc for the workers of his factory

Lecture (in Italian) at the Crespi d'Adda volunteer info centre

In the garden, means of sharpening your tools

Church in Grasse, Southern France (the perfume town)


Lunch at Grasse

Boulangerie - Grasse Market

Weaponry at the Grasse Museum

Horse blinkers from the Grasse museum

Jazz busker - Milano

Noisy May Day workers protest in Bergamo

Fiddly, impressive Milano cathedral

 Milano Door

Train at Milano Stazione

Sketching with my new Illustrator friend, Milano Urban Sketcher Gabriele Orlando


More sketching with Gabriele

Here is Gabriele's sketch at the same spot but including me :-)  I was full of admiration at his ability to sketch rapidly.

This sketch earned me a free lunch - and their Sicilian food and drink was delicious

Porta in one of the walls of Bergamo Alta

 My train carriage companion from Milano to Ventamiglia - he had a laugh when he saw it

Vintage Fiat

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