14 Jun 2014

Blue Sky and Rose Hips.

I decided to sketch at home today. It was a beautiful sunny blue sky day to just sit in the sun in the garden.

I love to observe the sky, and I have decided to try more sky paintings. So here is one for today.

I have also started reading a bit about weather phenomena and I'm learning some interesting stuff. The oxygen and nitrogen molecules that make up the bulk of the air scatter blue and violet light. The human eye is reasonably insensitive to the violet light scattered so this is why we see the sky as blue. The bluer the sky, the drier the air. Water vapour scatters longer wavelengths and dilutes the blue colour of the sky. I have always noticed that when it stops raining at the end of the day and the sun comes out, the sky gets a pale blue washed out appearance. Now I know why! Today the sky was a beautiful strong blue, so lovely and dry after a week of rainy days.

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