7 Jun 2016


Looking across the river at Shanghai's Bund. Barges plied up and down.

I met up with Annie Ni, a local sketcher who took me to meet the diligent water colourist group who work from 9am - 2pm each Saturday!  It was drizzling so they were under cover in a park and very hospitable.

In the evening I went across from my hotel to a pub - "The Brew" - and lo and behold the band - Solidaz was made up of Kiwi Hamiltonians - plus a Canadian singer.  They had been playing together for 20 years and live in the Kerry Hotel!  They had a sterling sound and a huge repertoire - playing anything the audience asked for.

Another view inside 'The Brew"

Mr Hong's house.  Annie explained he was #3 in the Nationalist pre-war government after Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek.  This was in Puxi an historical cultural area.

Surprisingly a Protestant church - very western inside.  Had been many other things under Communist rule but was now back as a church.  The caretaker volunteers happily showed us around inside after we showed our sketches. 

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