21 Jan 2017

BUGS! Our backyard heroes.

Today we attempted to sketch a new sculpture on the foreshore walkway, but there was a bitter wind which was very unseasonable for January. We gave up and went elsewhere. I went to Puke Ariki where there is currently an exhibition called:

"BUGS! Our backyard heroes."

This exhibition includes a massive collection of bugs which has been donated to Puke Ariki. Some pretty, some not so pretty but very interesting to look at. It also has a few live specimens as well, including American Cockroaches. I didn't sketch them as they made me feel ill!

I chose to sketch a couple of the pretty ones. I decided to use pencil and watercolour pencil.

Here they are:

Morpho rhetener. From South America. This one is male and kept changing colour depending which angle you looked at it from.

Ornithoptera urvillianus. From Papua New Guinea. This one is female.

Here's a few more photos, there's lots more to see. I may well go back again.

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