22 Apr 2017

55th World Wide Sketchcrawl Day.

Today was the 55th World Wide Sketchcrawl Day. Some of our group members were away or not well, so we only had a small group this time. We still got out there though!

The theme we decided on after a bit of thought and discussion was 'Bridges'. We Hoped this would mean the members of our group that weren't here could still participate.

It was a glorious day today. Perfect weather for going out sketching. Before lunch I went to the East End Reserve and walked from there along the Te Henui Walkway to the second walking bridge across the Te Henui Stream. I set myself up beside the path and began to sketch. It was rather an interesting location to sit, as a lot of walkers and their dogs came past. People were constantly coming over to have a look at my sketch and a chat. One couple posed on the bridge and waited for me to look up. I'd just been talking to them about whether to put people into the sketch or not. We had a good giggle over that. One man even told me I'd drawn his house.

Here is my sketch:

Te Henui Walking Bridge.

In the afternoon I went to Te Rewa Rewa Bridge. Another walking bridge over the Waiwhakaiho River. I went there last weekend and got rained out, so ended up sketching in the car. Today the weather was the opposite to that. Hot and sunny. There were heaps of people there. So many I couldn't see the bridge at times! I had no choice but to put a couple in.

Here is my sketch:

And here's some photos of Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and the Waiwhakaiho River:

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