16 Nov 2013

Rainy Day

It was a rainy day today and I didn't feel like the inevitable crowds of Centre City.
I am hopeless at traveling light, and I usually take everything including the kitchen sink. So I set myself a project to revamp my sketching kit!

It turns out I have enough gear to have two kits. One for watercolouring which is bigger and not so easy to carry about and a small version for sketching. Who knew I had pretty much two of every paintbrush!

I've gone back to my small watercolour pans. I've bought some new colours, (internet shopping), that match up with what we were taught in Wednesday Art Group by Jane Mitchell and I've rearranged them in a more logical order.

I've followed a suggestion from Paul and made a paintbrush holder out of a sushi mat. This is a great idea.

To make this I've sewn elastic over the paintbrushes to hold them in place. They can be easily taken in and out. I've then attached a ribbon tie to one edge, but you could use anything as a tie that takes your fancy. You then roll the mat up and voila! A nice easy way to keep your brushes neat and stop them being damaged in your sketch bag.

The weather improved a bit later so I went outside and tried it all out.

Here's my rock garden and steps:

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