1 Jul 2017

California & Texas

Caltech graduation ceremony - hot - outside - the speaker was an inspiring black woman astronaut from the back streets of Chicago.

26 miles to Catalina Island - via catamaran off Long Beach

Visit to JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) near Caltech in Pasadena - here in the clean room they are assembling the next Mars rover capsule for 2020

Curiosity Mars Rover

Texas - native - Nine Banded Armadillo

Moose at Field and Stream

$180 cowboy boots

Watched 250,000 Mexican free tailed bats take off down the Bayou at dusk for a feed
 Houston Artcar museum

Neighbour's TR3

Museum of Fine Arts

 Elissa tall ship - at Galveston

Fishermans Wharf bar

Johnson Space Center - Saturn V

Mission Control - & rover

Astronaut had just come out of the buoyancy tank - all that was left was his pants

Moon buggy

A coffee where the students hang out 

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