29 Jul 2017

New Plymouth Prison

Today we went to the New Plymouth Prison. It  closed March 15 2013 and is no longer used. This category 1 historic building is land-banked for Treaty of Waitangi settlements and is in the care of Land Information New Zealand.

New Plymouth Prison, dating from the 1870s, was the country's oldest operational prison before it was closed. It has special heritage significance as an artefact of the development of New Zealand's penal system.

The structure evolved from an 1850s building, a wooden military hospital built on the former Maori stronghold of Pukaka Pa, now also known as Marsland Hill, in central New Plymouth. Constructed in the late 1850s to serve the adjacent military barracks, the hospital building provided care to Imperial troops injured in the conflicts of the Taranaki Wars of the 1860s. After the last regiments had been withdrawn it was decided to reuse the building to meet a pressing need within the community, as the new district jail.

Here is my sketch:

 Today I decided to try and sketch in gray-scale using graphite pencils.

 You can just see the top of Mount Taranaki in the background.

Ref: http://www.heritage.org.nz/the-list/details/903

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