3 Feb 2013

Fitzroy Beach Holiday Park - More

I had to agree with Trevor and went into the Fitzroy Beach Holiday Park. It was a great weekend to be at the beach. A camping spot here on a weekend like this would be uncommon, just metres from the beach.
I'm finding the weather lately a little too hot to function normally. I sketched this trailer (caravan) while sitting in the shade. Even then I almost found it too hot to concentrate. To make matters worse, I forgot to bring my swimming trunks too. On my way home I picked up some ice cream and promised myself to go back to beach the next day - properly. So today was just as hot but I was ready this time and brought my bodyboard too. I stayed in there riding wave after wave until I was sick of it. I purposely left my watch at home.


  1. This is great. I feel like I am there.
    Can I ask how big the original sketch was?

    1. It was A4. I pretty much always use an A4.

  2. Probably about A4 size. Most of us use A4 or A5 size sketchbooks.