6 Feb 2013

Wednesday Art Group - Sketching at theTupare Garden Fair.

The Gardener's Cottage:

The main framing of the Gardener's Cottage was recycled from the corrugated iron shed which was located on the present tennis court and was the Matthew's families first home.

On return from their honeymoon in England in 1932, Russell and Mary Matthews lived at Tupare for 18 months in a corrugated iron shed that contained one room with a fireplace and no hot water, and a tiny bedroom.
This caused their parents some anxiety with Mother Brodie and Mother Matthews having long discussions on the telephone on whether or not “it was right for poor Mary” to live under such conditions.
Their first child Elizabeth was born during this time, in 1933.
The Matthews moved in to the house while it was still being built and lived with the concrete and its dust.
When carpet was finally laid, Mary Matthews got down on the floor and rolled on it in delight.
And the Tin Hut? It was later transformed into the gardener's cottage, and is now the Tupare information centre.

Here is my sketch:


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