1 Feb 2013

Michigan USA

Frankenmuth - town of German origins.  The glockenspeil told the story of the Pied Piper as I sketched sitting on a rubbish bin in the snow.
Frankenmuth in the snow, -6C much to my surprise my waterbrush bristles froze solid.  The town was like Groundhog day, packed - looking at the ice and snow sculptures
Santa Claus School in Midland where they teach beard maintenance, where to put your hands and the history of St Nick.
Just Jammin - C&W band
Two rivers meet at the tridge (three bridges meeting in the middle) in Midland.  Water was nearly frozen

Midland double decker
I had to go to frozen Frankenmuth to find a camel!
First time I've seen armed cops at a NZ airport
My car - temperatures got down to -27C incl wind chill
Snow & ice sculptures at Frankenmuth
The Cass River froze within two weeks and people were walking across it

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