12 Feb 2013

Frederic Alonzo Carrington 1807-1901

Frederic Alonzo Carrington was the chief surveyor of the Plymouth Company.  Frederic was sent from England to choose the site of a settlement in New Zealand. He chose the site and produced the original survey map of New Plymouth in 1841.

This sculpture was erected in 2012 by:

The Taranaki Branch of the New Zealand Institute of surveyors.

Fridtjof Hanson sculpted the statue which was cast by Ross Wilson and Roy Harkness, while Steve Molloy sculpted the stone on which Frederic stands.

This statue stands on the grass area in front of the New Plymouth Courthouse which is across the road from the Regent Buildings and near the New Plymouth Clock Tower. You can see the base of this through the trees.  The other members of the group sketched this statue on a day I didn't make it to sketching, so I decided I would do it this time.

Here is my sketch:

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