23 Aug 2015

Exxopolis Brooklands Park.

Go and see Exxoplolis. It's certainly worth a look.

In 2012 Architects of Air created its 20th luminarium entitled ‘EXXOPOLIS’.
For this luminarium, Alan Parkinson aimed to return to his roots and to involve local community groups in the build of EXXOPOLIS. The main dome has brought together different elements of design and sectors of community to create a celebratory centerpiece named the ‘Cupola’. Inspired by the circular space of the Chapter House of Southwell Minster, the ‘Cupola’ features perpendicular style windows that have each been made by different community groups and that are made up of small pieces of coloured plastic designed to create a ‘stained-glass’ effect. The design of these windows is based on Penrose tiling discovered by mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose. This particular tiling has an organisation similar to that found in Islamic tile patterns. All the individual pieces have been cut and glued together by hand in their workshop in Nottingham, England.

Since 1992 Architects of Air's luminaria have enchanted over 2 million visitors in 41 countries around the world. The luminosity of light and colour inside is created purely by the light shining through the coloured plastic. 

Before everyone got there I went inside to have a look and take photographs. It was quite difficult to get good pictures as the light wasn't daylight or electric light, so I had to do a bit of experimenting to get it right.

Here is my sketch of the outside:

And some photos:


And Inside:


Which Way?



"Stained Glass"


Suitable for young and old!

I was particularly pleased with this one, playing with colour accents.

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