29 Aug 2015

The Len Lye Centre and Monica's Eatery.

It was rather wet this afternoon, so we went to the Len Lye Centre to sketch inside. I was quite happy with this as they had the touring exhibition of the New Zealand Secondary School NCEA level 3 art boards from last year i.e. 17 year olds. This made interesting viewing and there was a wide variety of different ideas and mediums to look at. I didn't attempt to sketch any of this, but went out into the centre. I had problems deciding what to do as at this stage it is quite a big empty echoey space with a lot of grey concrete or black walls. In the end I tried a pencil drawing in grey scale of a nook in the wavy concrete wall.

Here is my sketch:

I must say I was surprised to find a crack in the floor at this early stage!

I then gave up on the Len Lye Centre and went to their cafe "Monica's Eatery." I found much more to sketch in here. I decided to get out my pen and coloured pencils. This is the first pen sketch I've done since July 2014. Goodness! I think I need to do a few more. I sketched very quickly as I was concerned the two people would leave any minute. They had that look about them.

Here is my sketch:

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