8 Aug 2015

Pridham Hall, New Plymouth Boy's High School.

Today was a dull, dark, rain, hail snowing on the mountain type of day. We sketched indoors at Pridham Hall, New Plymouth Boy's High School.

The school was established in 1882.
Pridham Hall combines the Elizabethan and Jacobean influences from palaces, mansions and collegiate buildings built in Britain.
Pridham Hall is a substantial example of the Edwardian Free Style in New Zealand and shows the continuing influence of British trends on New Zealand architecture well into the twentieth century.

It certainly was a challenge to draw for several reasons. there was so much to do, it was cold, there were no seats and the floor was hard to sit on, but we all persevered!

Here is my sketch:

And some Photos:

 Looking out the window at the weather!

 Look at all that detail!

Scott and Brian looking at the Honours Board.

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